Christian High School Level Science Videos

Originally released on DVD; the 101 series is produced with rich visuals and on-screen graphics to help high school students easily understand each of the sciences. The 101 series is still available on DVD and is now offered here as a streaming curriculum service.

The 101 series currently includes: General Science 101, Biology 101, Chemistry 101 and Physics 101.

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From DVDs to Streaming Online!
  • Full Courses

    Online courses include all the content from the DVDs. You get the full curriculum without the hassle of DVDs or DVD players.

  • Progress Tracking

    Includes student progress tracking for your videos. Stop and start as your schedule allows. Students start right back where they left off.

  • Printable Guidebooks

    All courses include printable files of the Guidebook and Accreditation Program. You can read them online or download and print!

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