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Explore the fascinating science of physics and study the principles and laws that drive the natural world. 

Physics can be a complicated subject, but that doesn't mean that it must be boring and difficult to understand. Veteran filmmaker Wes Olson will take you on a journey into the incredible universe created by God, from Newton's laws to the complex concepts behind quantum mechanics. An exciting, visually rich experience, Physics 101 is designed specifically for ages 15 years old and up*.  

Once you have finished this course, you will feel at ease discussing relativity, explaining the correlation between energy, mass and the speed of light, and perhaps, even Schrodinger's cat.

Watch a free preview of this course: Segment 1. Introduction to Physics

*Intended audience age: 15 and up. However, every word, graphic and picture in Biology 101 has been carefully selected and is appropriate for the entire family.

Course Videos

  • 1

    Introduction to Physics

    • Segment 1. Introduction to Physics

  • 2

    The Physics of Light

    • Segment 2. Light and Color

    • Segment 3. Mirrors and Lenses

    • Segment 4. Invisibility and Speed of Light

  • 3

    The Physics of Sound

    • Segment 5. Introduction to Sound

    • Segment 6. Acoustics: The Sound of Music

  • 4

    The Physics of Heat

    • Segment 7. What is Fire?

    • Segment 8. The Three Laws of Thermodynamics

    • Segment 9. Refrigeration: Hot and Cold

  • 5

    The Physics of Electricity

    • Segment 10. What is Electricity?

    • Segment 11. Outlets and Circuits

    • Segment 12. Batteries and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

  • 6

    The Physics of Motion

    • Segment 13. The Life of Isaac Newton

    • Segment 14. The Universal Law of Gravity

    • Segment 15. The 1st Law of Motion

    • Segment 16. The 2nd and 3rd Laws of Motion

  • 7

    The Physics of the Weird

    • Segment 17. The Life of Albert Einstein

    • Segment 18. Relativity

    • Segment 19. Quantum Mechanics

  • 8

    The Future of Physics

    • The Future of Physics

  • 9

    Guidebook and Accreditation Program

    • Physics 101 Guidebook

    • Physics 101 Accreditation Program

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